Daniel McDuff, Microsoft Research

Daniel McDuff, Microsoft Research

Daniel McDuff Ph.D. is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft in the Human Understanding and Empathy group. He has degrees from MIT and Cambridge University. His projects have been reported in many publications including The Times, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC News, New Scientist, Scientific American and Forbes magazine. Daniel was named a 2015 WIRED Innovation Fellow, an ACM Future of Computing Academy member and has spoken at TEDx and SXSW.

Emotion Inspired (Machine) Learning

Emotions are integral to learning, they provide intrinsic motivations to explore and help protect us from danger. This presentation will cover examples of state-of-the-art human sensing and synthesis algorithms that can be used to create computer systems that adapt to and simulate emotions. I’ll focus on examples of intrinsically motivated deep learning systems that empirically demonstrate how modeling emotions can lead to more efficient and safer systems.  I’ll also raise questions about the ethics of designing systems that measure and simulate highly personal and human data and will propose design principals to help address these questions.


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