Jonathan Mall, Neuro Flash

Jonathan Mall, Neuro Flash

After studying cognitive Neuropsychology, Jonathan was seduced by the opportunity to optimize consumer experience using a combination of Psychology and machine learning by lead the Science team in a IBM Big Data Venture. Afterwards, he founded Neuro Flash, a marketing and branding institute, helping big Brands to elevate their marketing, by matching marketing material with subconscious desires.

From 38 Billion Words to One Core Idea: How Neurosemantic Analysis Helped Volkswagen Increase Engagement by 417%

Brand positioning and creative content have long been the job of talented marketeers. But in today’s fragmented landscape, it is difficult to understand what a typical customer responds to. Deep word embedding models offer a solution to this challenge. Here we present a successful implementation of a very large word embedding model in the Polish market. The model captures the subconscious associations of a typical customer. These association models are a powerful tool for creating highly effective brand positioning and content. The method, technology and measurable outcomes are discussed.


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